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    Emu Analytics

    Real-Time Contextual Analytics

    Our solutions consume high velocity, high volume data and generate actionable insight in real-time.

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    Emu Analytics

    Sustainable Data Advocacy

    Making data and insights accessible, privacy-aware and open for social good.

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    Emu Analytics

    Data Monetisation Accelerators

    We enable your organisation to responsibly commercialise and monetise it’s data assets in new and innovative ways.

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    Emu Analytics

    Smart City & IoT Enablers

    Providing the analytics, tools and intelligence to power the next generation of IoT and Smart City Initiatives.


What we Offer

Real-Time Contextual Analytics

Our advanced algorithms and software harness high volume data streams and turn them into timely, actionable insights - all in real-time.

Analytics and Visualisation Accelerators

We have built up significant capabilities to accelerate the analysis and visualisation of client data, based on repeatable and proven methodologies.

IoT & Smart Cities Enablers

We build platforms with the intelligence required to consume, analyse and interpret streams of data generated by IoT and Smart Cities infrastructure.

Data Monetisation Frameworks

We help companies such as mobile operators answer the ‘so what’ by putting in place frameworks that monetise their data assets in a responsible manner.

Agile GIS

We are constantly evolving to deal with an ever-changing landscape of new data sources and technology to offer our clients cutting edge GIS professional services.

Privacy-Aware Solutions

We understand security and privacy and can lead our clients through the pitfalls and considerations necessary to adopt workable, privacy-aware data offerings.

Data Science

Our data science team is highly experienced in providing our clients actionable business intelligence to enhance their core offerings and expand into new areas.

Open Data Enrichment

We contribute open data into the user community. We also create enriched data assets such as building information and vegetation models by combining and analysing open data.

Socially-led Initiatives

Our team does significant work on projects and initiatives designed to aid society and the environment. This has included cycle safety, crime and pollution.

Consultancy & Training

We are experts in several technology and software stacks and offer consultancy services and training programmes to assist our clients in getting up to speed in new areas.

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Latest News

What on earth is Agile GIS?

What on earth is Agile GIS?

Our Head of Data Insight, Jonathan Smith, is giving a webinar with Esri UK this week talking about Agile concepts and how they can be applied to reporting, analytics and GIS, using Esri technology. Here he talks through some of the concepts and how they have been applied in the real-world...(hint - its actually got nothing to do with dog agility).

Telco Data Analytics Conference

Emu Analytics are going to be at the Telco Data Analytics conference in Madrid next week (Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th). We'll be on Dell EMC's stand showcasing some of our real-time contextual analytics applications built on mobile network data streams. These solutions cover use cases including mobility, data monetisation, fraud and CVM, so if you are representing a Mobile Operator with aspirations in these areas, then stop by and take a look. Of course our Duty of Care (insert link here) product will also be on display too, allowing businesses to assist their employees in a crisis.

News: Emu Analytics Featured in Environment Agency Article

Our Head of Data Insight recently made an appearance in an article published by the Environment Agency (EA), promoting the use of LiDAR data in startups. We use a lot of the open data outputted by the EA as part of their Open Defra programme and this was a great opportunity to showcase some of it and thank the EA for their work.

The Heights of England

It's been a busy 6 months since we released our 'Building Heights of London' application and associated Open Data download based upon the Environment Agency's LiDAR data. Since then the Emu Analytics team has been busy working on a new dataset to allow us to output building heights across England and introduce our new Emu DataPacks product.


This week we are showcasing the work of our intern from last year, Alice Millard. Alice really impressed us with her ideas around applying GIS analysis techniques to environmental crime and fly tipping in particular. As a result, we asked her to join us for a short-term internship. So over to Alice to talk about working with a startup and applying GIS analysis techniques to real social issues...

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