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    Emu Analytics

    Real-Time Contextual Analytics

    Our solutions consume high velocity, high volume data and generate actionable insight in real-time.

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    Emu Analytics

    Sustainable Data Advocacy

    Making data and insights accessible, privacy-aware and open for social good.

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    Emu Analytics

    Data Monetisation Accelerators

    We enable your organisation to responsibly commercialise and monetise it’s data assets in new and innovative ways.

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    Emu Analytics

    Smart City & IoT Enablers

    Providing the analytics, tools and intelligence to power the next generation of IoT and Smart City Initiatives.


What we Offer

Real-Time Contextual Analytics

Our advanced algorithms and software harness high volume data streams and turn them into timely, actionable insights - all in real-time.

Analytics and Visualisation Accelerators

We have built up significant capabilities to accelerate the analysis and visualisation of client data, based on repeatable and proven methodologies.

IoT & Smart Cities Enablers

We build platforms with the intelligence required to consume, analyse and interpret streams of data generated by IoT and Smart Cities infrastructure.

Data Monetisation Frameworks

We help companies such as mobile operators answer the ‘so what’ by putting in place frameworks that monetise their data assets in a responsible manner.

Agile GIS

We are constantly evolving to deal with an ever-changing landscape of new data sources and technology to offer our clients cutting edge GIS professional services.

Privacy-Aware Solutions

We understand security and privacy and can lead our clients through the pitfalls and considerations necessary to adopt workable, privacy-aware data offerings.

Data Science

Our data science team is highly experienced in providing our clients actionable business intelligence to enhance their core offerings and expand into new areas.

Open Data Enrichment

We contribute open data into the user community. We also create enriched data assets such as building information and vegetation models by combining and analysing open data.

Socially-led Initiatives

Our team does significant work on projects and initiatives designed to aid society and the environment. This has included cycle safety, crime and pollution.

Consultancy & Training

We are experts in several technology and software stacks and offer consultancy services and training programmes to assist our clients in getting up to speed in new areas.

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Latest Posts

Emu Analytics at MWC 2017

Emu Analytics at MWC 2017

Following on from last year’s successful visit, we are once again going to be at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona later this month (Feb 27th – Mar 3rd). This time around we have some of our real-time contextual analytics work and products on display on the Dell EMC/VMware stand in Hall 3 (Stand 3K10).

London Marathon Mapped

We've teamed up with Londonist to map a slightly different side to the London Marathon. Check out our interactive map to find out the location of pubs and toilets along the route and the best places to load up with carbs before and after the race. There is also a handy pace guide so you don't miss your favourite runners!

MWC 2017 - The Robots are Coming

After Emu Analytics' successful visit to Mobile World Congress our GIS expert in residence, Alice Goudie, gives us her Top 5 MWC Takeaways, and explains why we will be bowing to our robot overlords sooner than you might think.

Santander Cycles at Christmas

Whilst browsing some datasets in the new year we spotted that something interesting was going on with London's Cycle Hire scheme, Santander Cycles, during the festive period. It seems that Christmas Day sees a real spike in cycle hire journeys, but the nature of these journeys is very different to an ‘average’ day of journeys in December. This seemed like a great excuse to try out some symbology techniques and open the lid on Carto capabilities.

Happy New Year & Happy 2nd Emuversary

It’s gone faster than we could have imagined as we are about to celebrate our second anniversary (we formed at the beginning of 2015) and it’s fair to say that it’s been an exciting couple of years for us...

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