Free White Paper to Help Airports Understand the Sustainability Impacts of Aircraft Taxiing, and How Analytics Can Aid Airports on the Journey to Net Zero

What you will learn from this white paper

We know that busy, international airports emit masses of CO2 in their day-to-day business. Airports and airlines are already innovating towards greener modes of transport, sustainable aviation fuels, autonomous processes and more to combat this issue. However, an often-forgotten part of the airport’s environmental impact is unnecessary aircraft taxiing with engines running – burning fuel which is costing both the airlines and our rapidly changing climate.

This analysis has been put together by the Location Intelligence team at Emu Analytics using a real-time ADS-B feed of plane location data from a global leader in precision live flight tracking, Plane Finder and our Digital Twin software, Flo.w, to explore how six major international airports compare in the four relevant metrics: taxiing by aircraft volume, by distance travelled and by time spent taxiing, and from this, inferring the probable levels of emissions.

This white paper is a snapshot of one normal week of commercial traffic at the six major airports and shows an example of how the effective use of Digital Twin technology and location analytics can help airports understand and prevent the negative impacts of unnecessary aircraft taxiing.