New Revenue Streams

We create innovative new revenue generating use cases derived from an organisation’s existing data assets.

Innovative Analytics

We discover, connect, match, filter, aggregate and interrogate data sets from your organisation and a variety of other sources to generate brand new and commercially valuable insights.


We develop use cases and data processing solutions that are aware and sensitive to your organisation’s data privacy and security requirements.

IoT & Smart Cities

Our numerous applications are derived from the position and movement patterns of IoT and mobile sensors and devices, to aid transportation, urban regeneration, utility usage and more.

Exploration & Acceleration

We offer professional services to aid development of trials, demonstrators, proof of concepts and accelerators needed for data monetisation business case development.

Secure Data Delivery

We have solutions to aid the management, auditing and authorised delivery of monetised data assets to your partner organisations.

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Find out how we can help your business successfully and responsibly monetise its data assets.


Case Study: Mobile Network Data for Urban Regeneration

Working with mobile operators and urban regeneration schemes to better understand how a population moves and interacts with an evolving urban landscape.

In this scenario the mobile operator is able to monetise its anonymised customer network location data for the purpose of informing the urban regeneration programme about the impacts of the redevelopment on the incumbent and often changing population. These insights are then used to determine the future services and spaces (including transportation and public open space) that are required as the regeneration progresses. The subscribers of the mobile devices from where the data was derived then benefit through the provision of appropriate services in an environment that they frequent, ensuring that there is a clear exchange of value through analytics.


Case Study: Duty of Care for Employee Wellbeing

Our Duty of Care application is a B2B solution allowing a mobile operator to monetise insights derived from an organisation’s employee devices, for the purpose of employee wellbeing at the time of major incident. It offers a unique, privacy sensitive solution for HR and Incident response teams within to better aid their impacted workforce in such a crisis, whilst not unnecessarily compromising employee privacy needs.

This solution offers a data monetisation opportunity to the mobile operator as well as improved employer-employee relationships and wellbeing for the customer organisation. See our products page for further details.