Create Beautiful Maps

Easily and quickly create and share incredible and informative maps using location data.

Explore your Data

Find hidden insights in your data with easy navigation and informative content.

Democratize your Data

Unlock the complex world of Data Science & GIS with easy-to-use drag-and-drop data load functionality.

Engage Your Customers

Easily share exciting and interactive maps & reports with your customers.

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Beautiful Maps to Turbo Charge Your Business

Location Insights Explorer allows your business to benefit from the power of location data, unlocking insights at all levels of your organisation. Previously inaccessible location data, locked behind complex and expensive tools, is now easily accessible to your business to help drive efficiency, build revenues and engage customers.

Anyone can use Location Insights Explorer. It has an easy to understand, intuitive web interface that puts the user in complete control of the data with no technical knowledge required. Curate beautiful and informative maps that are good enough to put in front of your CEO or your customers.

Our customers are using Location Insights Explorer:

  • To engage the public through the publication of Local Authority map-based reports
  • As a sales tool, generating new business by easily demonstrating the ‘so what’
  • To open new sales channels through the use of an online presence

Build Shareable Maps in Under 2 Minutes

Location Insights Explorer takes care of all the technical aspects of using location data and creating maps so you can concentrate on what you want to show and how to show it.

Imagine the scenario. You have been given a data file containing key information you need to share around the business. You drag and drop the file into Location Insights Explorer and let it do the work for you. It doesn’t care what the file type is, it supports over 20 different location data files out the box. It doesn’t care what coordinate system the data is in, it will convert it for you. It will intelligently analyse the data and come up with the best way of displaying it on a map, suggest a colour palette and curate you a new map in seconds. After a few easy tweaks to the colours, the addition of some explanation text and a quick filter you are ready to click the ‘Share’ button and send your fully interactive map to your colleagues.