Big Location Data

Flo.w can process and visualise billions of points of data, serving them as up actionable insights to your business.

Analytics Engine

A Flo.w's heart is analytics. Flo.w can use advanced data science algorithms to find the rights answers, to drive business decisions.


Built to consume, analyse & visualise data from high velocity networks in real-time, Flo.w harnesses this power to work for you.

Hyper-Performant Mapping

Flo.w uses state-of-art web mapping technology to visualise a lot of information in an intuitive and visually striking way.


Capture, Analyse, Visualise

Flo.w captures, analyses and visualises location and time-based data to generate interactive, map-based, location insights, presented through a hyper-performant web experience.

Flo.w is designed to work with big location data in real-time. Making sure you get to the right decision, at the right time.

At the heart of Flo.w is a modular analytics engine that can be expanded to generate insights from new data sources. Plug-in Footfall Insights analysed from a mobile location data stream or Flood Impact Predictions built from a flood alerting api - all combined with your data and layered together to provide actionable insights. Built upon WebGL, this, allows cutting edge 2D and 3D interactive visualisation of location and temporal data in the browser with no plug-ins or installs.

Flo.w Product Sheet

Download the Flo.w product sheet to find out more about how Flo.w can help your business harness the power of location data.


Powered by Flo.w

Flo.w is made up of three core components that combine together to capture, analyse and visualise location and time-based data. The Flo.w Frontend Framework, Flo.w Engine and Flo.w Analytics Modules.

The Frontend Framework is a WebGL powered, map-based experience delivered through the web browser. Capable of performantly displaying millions of location data points in real-time, both in 2D and 3D. Fully configurable for different requirements and branding.

The Flo.w Engine seamlessly combines spatial and temporal data together, serving insights up through a unique vector tile arrangement, designed specifically to deal with the most demanding of use cases. An intelligent cacheing layer ensures efficient use of resources, all of which can be scaled as required.

Flo.w Analytics Modules are self-contained building blocks that derive insights specific to a use case, industry or data source. They are optional add-ons and can include capability such as analysing mobile phone data streams, IoT event data or making connections to 3rd party APIs - serving up rich insights into the Flo.w Engine.