Location Risk Management

A real-time, passive, employee location risk management platform for Mobile Network Operators to offer as a service to their enterprise customer base.

Analytics SaaS Offering

A Software as a Service that enables Mobile Network Operators to responsibly monetise their data assets in a socially-benefical way, whilst maintaining stringent security and privacy frameworks.

Duty of Care Brochure

Download the brochure to discover more on how Duty of Care can work in your enterprise.


Secure, Flexible, Scalable

Geofence Management

Duty of Care manages the geofences of high risk generic and customer-specific locations and the aggregated counts of each enterprise customer’s mobile devices within them. Geofences can be rapidly configured to respond to a new incident.

Privacy & Data Security

Data is immediately anonymised and aggregated before persistence, only being exposed as a count. The aggregated data is erased after 24 hours.

Mobile Network Operator Compatible

The Mobile Network Operator data used to power Duty of Care is derived from mobile device interactions with various network interfaces, via network probes. Duty of Care works with multiple real-time network data interfaces and is tuned for Dell EMC’s RTI Platform.


Interact, Communicate, Guide

Interactive & Engaging

Duty of Care is served through a dynamic, accessible and engaging browser-based interface. It comes pre-loaded with geofences relevant to an enterprise customer such as transport hubs and office locations.

Optional Response Features

Should the enterprise customer wish to subsequently identify and/or communicate with their employees seen in a specific location (e.g. via SMS) then this can be enabled on a per organisation basis if the MNO wishes to allow this feature set.

Privacy at the Heart

Duty of Care does not track employees outside of an incident area. It is designed to be used by an HR and corporate security function as part of a crisis management process