Launching Social Initiatives using Interactive Location Insights

The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) Council has used Emu Analytics’ Location Insights Explorer to underpin the rollout of their new Social Progress Index, launched in September 2018 and their ‘State of the Borough’ analysis.

Public Engagement

Location Insights Explorer has made it quick and easy to engage the local community through the use of beautiful, informative maps.

Reduced Overheads

LBBD Council have been able to avoid costly development costs by opting for Location Insights Explorer's rich out-the-box functionality

Informed Decision Making

Providing key information to the community in this manner allows them to remain informed and empowered in the issues they care about.

The Challenge

The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham is an incredibly vibrant and diverse community that is going through a rapid period of change as the Council looks to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

To this end the Council have worked with the Social Progress Imperative to develop a Social Progress Index that can measure the quality of life at a Ward level within the Borough. This innovative and far-reaching programme generates a lot of location data that needs to be effectively curated and mapped, then shared with the local community to engage them in the process.

To date the Council’s mapping outputs, such as those within the annual ‘State of the Borough’ report, have been constrained to static PDF reports with zero interactivity, resulting in limited engagement with the community. To create these maps requires significant effort of technical staff members, already engaged in critical activities concerned with the day-to-day running of the Borough.

The Solution

The Council requested that Emu Analytics deploy a bespoke implementation of the Location Insights Explorer, pre-loaded with all the data and maps required. A completely re-branded Location Insights Explorer, full of maps, was deployed to the Council within 2 weeks ready to be used by their teams.

The Council were then able to add new maps using Location Insights Explorer’s easy to use drag-and-drop functionality, going from data to fully-styled, sharable maps in under 2 minutes. This activity can now be performed by non-technical staff members, removing unnecessary bottlenecks and subsequent overheads.

The end result is a set of beautiful, interactive maps, shared with the local community to help engage them in the valuable initiatives being run by the Council.

The Location Insights Explorer underpins both our Social Progress Index and State of the Borough analysis. All three working in tandem. - Tony Doherty, LBBD Council

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