Emu evolves Digital Twin software for National Highways

Emu evolves Digital Twin software for National Highways

Emu Analytics has had a fantastic journey on the National Highways Roadworks Competition. As one of the ten winners, we have participated in a 6-month feasibility stage funded and supported by the Connected Places Catapult. This unique opportunity has allowed us to evolve our Digital Twin software Flo.w to work with real-time planned roadworks data from Department for Transport’s Streetmanager API, demonstrating to National Highways how this data analysed and presented through a Digital Twin platform can provide invaluable insights into roadworks’ proximity and their potential impact on road users – ultimately aiding National Highways in reducing the impact of roadworks on motorists, local communities, and businesses.

National Highways Roadworks competition

It has been a particularly interesting challenge for the Emu team, as we have had the opportunity to build upon the expertise we have cultivated in the broader transport sector for aviation, railway, and maritime organisations – and showcase how this technology and capability can be adapted to innovate the highways sector.

With our track record of delivering enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability for clients such as British Airways, Gatwick Airport, LNER, and the Civil Aviation Authority, it has been an exciting challenge to tackle fresh challenges and work with new types of geospatial data for the National Highways Roadworks Accelerator.

We are excited for the journey forward and the possibilities for dynamic geospatial analytics software to not only improve the experience of roadworks but innovate the highways sector as a whole.

National Highways Roadworks competition cohort

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