Emu Analytics evolves Digital Twin technology to address trespass prevention as part of LNER Future Labs Accelerator

Emu Analytics evolves Digital Twin technology to address trespass prevention as part of LNER Future Labs Accelerator

Emu Analytics are proud to present at the Demo Day of the LNER Future Labs Accelerator after completing a 12-week long exciting innovation journey with LNER and their partners. Emu are looking forward to continuing working with the rail operator in the new year.

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The LNER Future Labs Accelerator is an initiative by London North Eastern Railway (LNER) that supports the development and growth of start-ups and SME’s to provide innovative technology into the rail industry. As part of the programme, Emu Analytics was given the opportunity to work closely with LNER as well as Network Rail, over a 12-week period to evolve their Digital Twin software solution Flo.w to aid the rail sector’s trespass prevention strategies.

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Trespass on rail tracks is a significant problem that can have serious consequences, including injury and death as well as severe delays that have long term impact on the rail service and passengers travel experience. To address this issue, Emu Analytics set out to demonstrate how data and location analytics can be used more effectively to aid preventative and reactive strategies around trespassing – such as better resource allocation, prioritised education interventions & the targeted safety marketing necessary to try to reduce the number of trespass incidents on the railway.

Watch Emu Analytics’ Digital Twin solution Flo.w adapted for LNER here:

The team at Emu Analytics analysed large amounts of data from LNER as well as Network Rail, utilising location analytics techniques to identify patterns and trends in the data. By evolving their Digital Twin platform Flo.w, which is a analytics and visualisation tool, they presented the insights of the data through dynamic and accessible map based interface, aiding collaboration across the partner organisations to help address this worsening problem that is causing significant societal and economic impacts to the daily operations of the UK rail industry.

The success of Emu Analytics’ work was evident at the Future Labs Demo Day, with senior executives of the wider UK rail industry present to see how Emu Analytics’ Digital Twin technology can quickly and expertly be adapted to address a range of real-world problems in the transport industry, including trespass. 

Watch Emu’s Demo Day presentation in full here:

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