Explore the tallest buildings in the United Kingdom

Explore the tallest buildings in the United Kingdom

Alongside producing Digital Twin software for analysing and visualising big volumes of real-time data, we also produce a range of interesting datasets here at Emu Analytics.

One of these downloadable dataset packs is our Building Heights datasets for England and Wales. These dataset packs provide an easy-to-use, viable alternative to the more expensive offerings on the market.

Since first launching these data packs a few years back, they have received quite a lot of publicity and continue to aid businesses and organisations in their work. Now we have launched a refreshed update of the data pack, with 2020 up-to-date Building Heights data.

Not only are the datasets completely refreshed, but this time we have utilised our Digital Twin Software, Flo.w, to visualise the data - allowing you to explore all UK building heights right here through our platform.

Building Heights 2D

In this interactive map, you can pan, zoom to see how building density varies across the country, and switch to 3D mode to see the building heights visualised clearly. For 2022 we have added new layers of information to show other interesting features such as Driveway Access, for Electric Vehicle charging strategies.

You can find all available datapacks for download in our Emu DataPack Marketplace.

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