Explore ideal living locations in LINE and filter the data to find your new work-from-home office

Explore ideal living locations in LINE and filter the data to find your new work-from-home office

What is the ideal place to live according to you? Being close to schools (or maybe the pub)? Having a garden? You can now explore your ideal place to live according to what matters most to you in Location Insights Explorer.

During the various lockdowns over the past year, many have experienced a change in priorities for what they look for in an ideal home. According to a survey by The London Assembly Housing Committee, almost half of Londoners are considering moving because of the pandemic, and half of those looking to move want to leave the city!

Post covid living distance to Beach

Is your ideal new home one that has a short journey to the beach?

As COVID-restrictions are slowly lifting in the UK and the world seems to start moving again, we decided to map out a variety of open datasets in LINE to identify areas in the country where it may be popular to live in a post-COVID world. This is your one-stop shop for exploring all the factors that matter most to you and identify where you would like to live in the future.

Now you can account for anything from Internet speed (for those all-important Zoom Calls) and distance to pubs (now that they have finally opened again) to the more standard factors such as average house prices and distance to public transport, supermarkets and more, to find your ideal place to live.

Explore the map here: https://locationinsights.co.uk…

Post covid living greenspace

Is your ideal new home one that has green space close by?

There are many datasets contained within this map so feel free to either browse to a location of interest, click on an LSOA (Lower Super Output Area) and see information about that area or use the layer selector below to see how the metrics vary across England and Wales.

We know that people’s versions of the ideal location to live varies hugely, so with LINE you can create your own filter that accounts for the factors that matter the most to you, to identify locations that may suit you best.

To do this you simply go to the layer selector in the right-hand sidebar and scroll to the bottom of the list where you find the “Create your own index”, and then click on MAP FILTERS in the top right-hand corner. Click “Add Filter” and then select “Create Your Own Index” from the top drop-down box. You can now pick whichever metric you are interested in and add as many filters as you like. 3 example filters have been created which will identify areas near the sea which have an average house price of below £250,000 and average broadband download speeds above 35mbps.

Post covid living

We have created our own index like this, which you can find in the filter selector under “Emu Index”, where we have identified what may be the “best” places to live. This is based on locations which:

  • Have average internet download speeds > 30mbps
  • Are in the top 30% of the country in terms of happiness
  • Are within walking distance of a supermarket (1.5km)
  • Either has a large proportion of houses with gardens or is in an area with a lot of green space or is near the sea

Does your idea of an ideal place differ from this? Make an index of your own and let us know!

LINE has endless possibilities, this is just one fun way of using LINE to map out some interesting data. If you have location data you would like to present and explore in an easy-to-use tool like this, don’t hesitate to reach out to me (the author of this blog post) on martine.skaret@emu-analytics.com and we will be happy to assist!

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