Emu Analytics shares significant evolution of Flo.w in our very first webinar!

Emu Analytics shares significant evolution of Flo.w in our very first webinar!

Last week Emu Analytics were proud and excited to host their very first webinar, all about the recent updates of our Flo.w software solution. Over the past few years, we have evolved Flo.w to the point where it now enables you to implement powerful location analytics and visualization solutions (such as digital twins) quickly and easily.

Our webinar introduced the audience to Flo.w Stream Studio and Flo.w RDF, now making Flo.w a complete end-to-end solution to equip clients and partners to implement, customise, and deploy their own instances of Flo.w to address their business’ or clients’ challenges.

You can now watch a recording of this webinar here: https://vimeo.com/514401143
And explore the Flo.w Demo App we created throughout the webinar here: https://flow-webinar.emu-analytics.net/

The webinar demonstrated the wide range of capabilities and use cases that Flo.w’s real-time data analytics offers. Flo.w’s capacity to capture, process and analyse real-time location data permits valuable insight to derive the necessary decisions and strategies. Through techniques such as machine learning and AI, Flo.w’s digital twins allows you to make predictions as well as playout future scenarios of modifications that contribute to your organisation’s success.

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Introducing Flo.w Stream Studio

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We have developed Flo.w Stream Studio to significantly improve data extraction and transformation and decrease time and the need for expertise to integrate complex real-time API’s. Flo.w Stream Studio functions as an easy-to-use graphical interface that maintains flexibility as well as the addition of advanced machine learning algorithms and analytics processing abilities. All this, whilst making it accessible to use for analysts and developers. This change further unlocks the power of advanced location analytics without making it overly complex. Because of this, Stream Studio considerably reduces hiring costs for advanced professionals whilst also making it a quick, effective adoption and deployment for whatever use case your team pursues.

Introducing Flo.w RDF

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Flo.w RDF makes real-time data analytics further accessible as these insights must be presented to the relevant people in a comprehensive manner so they can derive the appropriate decisions from the data. As previous instances of Flo.w has demonstrated, the best way to do this is through dynamic, visually engaging, intuitive web-based data visualisation. With Flo.w Reactive Data Framework, we equip our clients and partners to create highly visual interfaces on top of Flo.w’s real-time data analytics, which they can configure themselves, requiring only fairly generic developer skills – essentially if you can code with Javascript, Flo.w RDF will be no problem for you. This again reduces hiring costs and facilitates quick and effective adoption but also enables you to design and modify your interface and visualisation for your specific purposes.

If you would like to find out more about Flo.w end-to-end solution and how it could support your use case or your services for clients, please get in touch with our Business Development Executive Martine Skaret at martine.skaret@emu-analytics.com

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