Innovation journey with GCHQ culminates in Accelerator Demo Day

Innovation journey with GCHQ culminates in Accelerator Demo Day

Emu Analytics has been on a 12-week long exciting journey with GCHQ in their latest installment of their Innovation Lab – which culminated in a virtual Demo Day to showcase how our software solutions offer impressive capabilities on a government level.

Over the course of the 12 weeks of the GCHQ Accelerator programme, the Emu team has participated in a range of mentoring sessions, covering everything from scaling a data-driven business, to UX design – as well as working alongside innovative startups in the technology sector.

With innovation as a central component of making public services and infrastructure run smoothly, we demonstrated the value of our geospatial software for a governmental body such as GCHQ. 

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Our software enables quick and easy integration of a wide variety of real-time and static data, that can be analysed together, showing status as well as context. This approach has proven to turn complicated, complex issues and vast amounts of data into impressively valuable insight across governmental bodies and a wide range of industries including aviation, transport and energy. As a result, the right decisions can be made with confidence to achieve a more efficient, sustainable, and safe operation of services.


Emu’s geospatial software makes location-based matters accessible and comprehensive for everyone across organisations due to its easy-to-use data analysis and highly engaging visualisation with a dynamic interface.

We exemplified the use of our software by granting access to GCHQ one specific instance that we recently set up, pre-loaded with post-pandemic UK economic vulnerability data sourced from numerous govt open data sources. Considering the complexity of the COVID-19 crisis and the consequent challenges that have arisen from it, this application proves the transformative potential of geospatial data analytics to determine where support and resources are required and to anticipate trends and act on them pre-emptively.

Do you work for a government body yourself? Then you and your organisation can sign up for free to explore this same instance here: Location Insights Explorer For Local Authorities to Respond to COVID-19 Challenges

If you would otherwise like to find out more about how Emu software could aid your business and organisation, please get in touch with our Business Development Executive Martine Skaret via

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