Wrap up of the 30 Day Map Challenge 2020

Wrap up of the 30 Day Map Challenge 2020

It’s been another great year for the #30DayMapChallenge, which invites enthusiastic cartographers and map lovers to make and share their maps across social media. Emu Analytics joined again to show off the many ways our Location Insights Explorer (LINE) can bring maps to life by visualising all sorts of data for you to explore!

The maps covered a wide range of themes with landuse, elevation and hexagons as the most popular ones. This challenge has once again showcased for how many purposes maps can be used – from informing business and industry, supporting communities, geology-related questions to pure entertainment.

London is greener than you may think

Due to the restrictions because of Covid-19 and the closure of many indoor public spaces the turn to green spaces has proven even more important. Particularly in urban places such as London where many people live in flats with no/limited access to private outdoor space public green space has been central for people to exercise and meet up socially distanced and to serve as a playground for children. The map shows the location of various types of green space across London.


We often think that cities are lacking in green space but according to GiGL 47% of London is green. This map highlights how many green spaces the capital has, and this does not include private gardens.

Air Travel

For the theme elevation we used data from the Opensky Network to showcase air travel across the sky in which the common air corridors immediately catch your attention. By changing the map layer to ‘Flight Paths Time’ and dragging the slider you can see how flight build up over the course of a day.


AirBnB’s in Hexagons

For the theme of hexagons we created a map that illustrates the number of AirBnB properties across London. Location Insights Explorer enables you to explore the data through different layers spanning from a times lider to identify when listings first appeared, price and number of beds as well as AirBnB per Borough.


A Proper View From Space

For the challenge of the new tool we wanted to show off how versatile our real-time analytics software Flo.w is. As a real-time map it enables you to follow the orbit of the International Space Station around the Earth. We integrated a HD live video that streams the look back on Earth as well. Isn’t is beautiful?


His Dark Materials

As we have some avid fans of the show His Dark Materials based on the story by Philipp Pullmann amongst the team, which is why we illustrated the journey of the main character Lyra and other plot related locations. It’s a story that travels across different worlds so it was exciting to identify or imagine where we could find them on the map.



Have you wondered about the proportions where how many people live in the UK? This map gives you an answer with one glance!


Mining in Monochrome

This map was created with data set used to showcase spatially explicit estimates of the area directly used for surface mining on a global scale. It contains more than 21,000 polygons of activities related to mining, mainly of coal and metal ores. The derived polygons cover the direct land used by mining activities, including open cuts, tailing dams, waste rock dumps, water ponds, and processing infrastructure.



One of our favourites was the map with one of the Emu’s dog Bertie highlighting how mapmaking can also be fun and even very cute! In QGIS we georeferenced images of London using the ‘Freehand Raster Georeference Plugin’.


If you would like to find out more about our software LINE, please get in touch with our Business Development Executive Martine Skaret via martine.skaret@emu-analytics.com .