Emu wins Intelligent Infrastructure Competition at Highways UK 2020

Emu wins Intelligent Infrastructure Competition at Highways UK 2020

Rounding up this year’s virtual Highways UK Conference, Emu Analytics are thrilled to have won the Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge, having been shortlisted out of 140 applications. After successfully participating in last year’s Highways UK’s Hackathon we have once again impressed key influencers and decision makers in the UK roads infrastructure.

The innovation challenge required solutions to be presented that had the capability to enhance operation of the road network, for which Emu’s cloud based software Flo.w was shortlisted. In the first round of a “Dragon’s Den-style” online event, Emu convinced the judges of the category of “Operation of The Road Network”, which included Michelle Carter from KTN / Innovate UK, Raphael Ani formerly of Telefonica’s Wayra programme, and James Golding-Graham from England’s Economic Heartland (EEH) . Despite very tough competition, we managed to win that category, and went forward into the grand final, up against the winners of the other categories. Much to our delight, we continued to win over the judges of the Grand Final as well, which additionally included Paul Doney from Highways England, Simon Yarwood from KTN / Innovate UK, Alex Mount from InMotion Ventures, Darren Capes from DfT, James Golding Graham, and John Battersea from Costain, who sponsored this competition.

As a highly innovative and technically advanced solution, Flo.w analyses and visualises big volumes of real time location data into actionable insight. Its capacity to process complex and fast data through machine learning and AI allows its users to identify both what is happening and identify patterns.

This new valuable insight enables users to make the right decisions at the right time. The software presents the findings in a highly visual and engaging manner; making it broadly accessible for non-technically trained people in your organisation. Meaning Flo.w is both designed to deliver the right insight as well as to communicate it to all audiences, which lends itself nicely to Highway UK use cases.

With our presentation we wowed the audience with a range of examples across the sector showcasing how Flo.w has been adopted to achieve an intelligent infrastructure system. This has been crucial in better understanding journey behaviour in complex traffic systems to navigate disruptions and to determine and improve location.

Journey Behaviour and Navigating Disruptions

In one project we partnered with Costain in which Flo.w enabled the determine pot hol locations, its consequent impact and to develop strategies to enhance traffic.


In a similar instance with Southwark Council, Flo.w analysed and visualised mobile phone data to show the journeys of road users and their variations due to planned road works and council interventions to navigate foreseeable outcomes.

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Part of a project with Innovate UK and Amey, Emu demonstrated how Flo.w was also an effective tool to understand travelling pattern in relation to weather conditions in further detail to derive appropriate action from it.

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Complex Traffic Systems

Another of our clients is Heathrow Airport, where we are analysing the real time movements of multiple vehicle fleets operating on airside and the performance of the space in which those vehicles are moving. Flo.w’s processing power presents as well as helps anticipate hot spot congestions zone and dwell time on the internal road network within the airport. This oversight and insight has proven vital in boosting strategies both for efficiency as well as sustainability measurements. 

Bringing new multiple data sets together enables to grasp the ongoing dynamics across the airport network and beyond into a single view. We also included Waze data showing the vehicles on the perimeter roads outside the airport and the impact this has on traffic in- and outside of the airport. This showcases how Flo.w permits to see operations networks as systems and can similarly be employed in a highways context.

Heathrow blurred

In another project we demonstrated to the bus operator Go Ahead how Flo.w makes their network more comprehensive. By synthesising real-time bus movements and analysing patterns of data, Go Ahead could identify dwell time patterns at bus stops, congestion management, air quality impacts and more.

Determining Best Location

We have also worked with Oxfordshire County Council in realising their electric vehicle strategy through a data-driven approach. Using data on on-street and car parks in Oxfordshire, the council is able to determine where electric vehicle demand is and to identify where to best locate charging points to ensure a successful transition.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about how Flo.w could support your organisation, please reach out to our Business Development Executive Martine Skaret via martine.skaret@emu-analytics.com .