Emu Analytics shines at Go Ahead Group's Billion Journey Project

Emu Analytics shines at Go Ahead Group's Billion Journey Project

Emu Analytics has impressed the audience with the power of its Flo.w software being the recipient of the People’s Choice Award at the Demo Day of the 12-week accelerator programme of Go Ahead’s Billion Journey Project. The press release of the Demo Day can be read here .

Go Ahead is one of the UK’s leading public transport providers committed to delivering the best passenger experience. The Billion Journey Project is the accelerator programme in which businesses were invited to demonstrate their innovations and solutions to the opportunities and challenges of the customer experience in the bus and rail sectors.

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Emu Analytics was one of nine companies participating in the project and partnered with Plymouth CityBus to showcase how Flo.w transforms the real-time location data that their bus fleets generate into valuable and actionable insight accessible to everyone in the company regardless of their technical expertise. Flo.w helps its users to understand maps and places in a new way. Real-time location data gained from the ticketing system allowed Flo.w to follow the ongoing movements of the Plymouth CityBus fleet. Flo.w then analysed the patterns of vast amounts of data and identified and highlighted the clustering of buses on routes in a visual way. Through the analysis performance at bus stops, which accounts for factors such as the volumes of buses halting at the bus stop and the average dwell time, Plymouth CityBus employees could then anticipate and identify disruptions and delays affecting services and act on them in a timely manner to ensure safety and efficiency throughout the journey.

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Flo.w not only makes the real-time movement of vehicles traceable on a map, but its layer function also improves a wider awareness of the surrounding for its users by adding context about the areas. This information includes the overlaying of all bus routes for Go Ahead and other operators as well as pavement widths at bus stops, air quality and walk-time catchment areas around the bus stops.

Due to the disruption caused by Covid-19, Emu Analytics was quick to add critical information relevant to Plymouth CityBus when their priorities shifted and required immediate adjustment. Through including further data layers highlighting key worker destinations such as GP surgeries, hospitals and supermarkets, it helped to facilitate the planning and operations of buses in support of Plymouth’s essential services. Turning vast amounts of geospatial data into comprehensive information does not only enhance transportation systems in their performance but the gained insight was also vital in allocating care and adjusting services. This demonstrates how Emu software can form a significant tool in supporting operators alongside their business priorities evolve.

Emu Analytics is also proud to highlight that Go Ahead’s Billion Journey Project is the 5th corporate accelerator programme within the past 18 months in which the power of Flo.w has once again impressed and proven its value for businesses. Since 2018 the company has successfully used these innovation initiatives to implement and trial Flo.w across multiple industry sectors for IAG, Transport for London, EDF Energy and United Utilities, several of whom are now fully-fledged Emu customers.

If you would like to find out more about our Flo.w software and how it can support your business, please get in touch with Martine Skaret via martine.skaret@emu-analytics.com.