Interview #1: An Interview with Carly Morris of IAG Cargo

Interview #1: An Interview with Carly Morris of IAG Cargo

The aviation industry has been deeply hit by the crisis unleashed by Covid-19 with consequences to be felt for years to come. Early on the importance of digital technology in quickly adjusting to this drastic shift in circumstances became clear across sectors. Although movement around the world seemingly stopped for the past few months, IAG Cargo has ensured that essential products such as life-saving pharmaceuticals continue to be safely and timely transported in which Emu software has demonstrated its effectiveness and value. 

Investment in innovations and novel digital solutions is an important measurement in responding to challenges in times of uncertainty. Emu Analytics took part in the IAG Cargo innovation accelerator programme Hangar51 in 2018 and has been working with them ever since. As Head of Innovation at IAG Cargo, Carly Morris is committed to digital transformation by exploring technologies, which overcome current issues and address potential challenges arising in the future. Virtual reality and data analytics have proven as two applications with generating value and support in such difficult times.

“The power of real-time data analytics is when it becomes proactive rather than reactive.”

Emu Analytics’ software intelligently translates the vast amount of real-time data collecting from the movement on the ground into actionable insight. “The power of real-time data analytics is when it becomes proactive rather than reactive,” Carly Morris stresses. Emu’s data analytics platform anticipates the development of queues, bottlenecks as well as other problems and informs the strategy of operations in preventing them effectively and tell them what to do next. Through engaging visual maps and an in-built alert messaging service, this insight is easily communicated, cuts analysis time for the team and keeps IAG Cargo in the loop about their operational performance 24/7. The real-time insight gained thanks to Emu software has empowered the IAG Cargo team to make the right decisions at the right time and has been proven to be an invaluable asset.

For the future, Carly Morris both highlights to strengthen rapid adaptability capacity as well to advance data-driven technology, particular automation and semi-automation, in order to “serve and equip our businesses to be better prepared for this kind of situation in the future” as Emu software has done. 

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