2019 – A significant year of innovation and growth for Emu Analytics

2019 – A significant year of innovation and growth for Emu Analytics

As the year draws to a close, our CEO Richard reflects on the past year.

As we find ourselves planning for an exciting future, I would also like to take the time to look back on what the team at Emu Analytics has achieved across several sectors in 2019. Emu Analytics has been blessed with a humbling level of opportunity this past year, and we have had the privilege of forming deep relationships with new and old customers and partners.


We are proud to have launched our two core software products that meet the needs of different markets and budget, providing both big and small companies with the tools to extract value from their location data.

Location Insights Explorer (LINE): This platform enables users to easily map spatial data through a file drag and drop function, curate the data, overlay multiple data layers and easily share it with others. One licence fee covers client wide access and all the sharing you need along with 10GB of cloud storage for your data.

To interact with the platform and see multiple data types in action then go to the demo site

FLO.W: This platform is our flagship product as it is built to consume, analyse and visualise data from high velocity location data interfaces in real time. The platform uses advanced data science algorithms to enable predictive analytics and real-time decision making. As with LINE our licensing covers all of our client’s users, meaning everyone in an organisation can benefit from rich location insights.


2019 has seen Emu working on projects in nine markets with further markets being planned for 2020. Markets that we have been working in in 2019 include:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Local Authorities
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Internet of Things
  • Transport planning (buses and bikes)
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Out of home advertising

Incubators, Accelerators and Hackathons

2019 has been a very busy year for incubators, accelerators, and hackathons. These are an important part of the Emu DNA as they provide the challenges we thrive on, of addressing real-world problems in a short space of time. In 2019 we were selected for the following events;

EDF Energy - Pulse Innovation Challenge. Tackling Electric Vehicle rollouts. Emu will be continuing to work with EDF Energy into the New Year

United Utilities Innovation Lab. We will also be working with Unities Utilities in 2020!

Highways England Hackathon with Costain, Balfour Beatty and the University of Liverpool

EIT Digital Improving operational management of UK rail infrastructure with Amey, BT and the University of Birmingham

Ovo Energy Innovators lab with Chris Boardman, using Flo.w to positively engage primary school children climate change

TfL Roadlab Improving roadwork safety by using Flo.w as an easy-to-use public engagement tool

In 2020 we have also been selected for the Go Ahead Group accelerator!


We are very proud of and grateful to our clients. The level of engagement from large corporates with a micro SME such as Emu Analytics is something that has changed significantly in recent years. With many Emus having worked in large corporates before we believe that we are aware through practical experience of many of the issues our large clients face whilst also being able to bring a personal, innovative and quick response to our client’s needs. We would like to thank our clients over the year for their support and commitment to all we do.

Case studies

Throughout 2019 we have built up our library of case studies to illustrate how Emu Analytics software is solving problems or realising opportunities for its users. We now have five case studies for you to view;

Driving innovation and efficiency in air cargo handling operations with IAG Cargo

IAG Cargo is using Emu Analytics’ real-time Flo.w platform to improve the efficiency of their fast-paced, high-volume cargo handling operation at Heathrow and drive valuable innovation for the benefit of their business and customers. VIEW CASE STUDY

Electric Vehicle rollouts with Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council are using Emu Analytics’ LINE platform to plan and prioritise their Electric Vehicle Charger roll-out strategy, harnessing LINE’s easy-to-use visualisation, and sharing capability to allow all their team to quickly access relevant location insights. VIEW CASE STUDY

Local Authorities, enriching communities with location insights

The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) Council has used Emu Analytics’ Location Insights Explorer to underpin the rollout of their new Social Progress Index, launched in September 2018 and their ‘State of the Borough’ analysis. VIEW CASE STUDY

Bassetlaw District Council (BDC) is using Location Insights Explorer to be the shareable platform for data and the evidence base of their work in re-purposing Worksop away from a heavy reliance on retail as well as engaging the community as it does this. VIEW CASE STUDY

Improving operational management of UK rail infrastructure with Amey

Through the unique processing and visualisation of real-time weather, mobile phone and train data, Emu Analytics’ Flo.w platform is being purposed to monitor, understand and predict the impacts of day-to-day and extreme weather on the network. VIEW CASE STUDY

The Emu Team

Over the year the number of Emus has grown to support our technical and customer needs. We welcomed Matt, a PhD student from Imperial College over the summer. Martine and Janina joined us in September to help support our sales, account management and marketing.

We were very proud of Alice who deployed in August to the Bahamas post Hurricane Dorian with Map Action, the humanitarian mapping charity.

Industry Events

We have tried to attend and present at as many events as we can which becomes more of a challenge as we work in more markets! We have attended the following events over the year as visitors, exhibitors or speakers;

  • Smart City Summit – London
  • #smartcityexpo – Barcelona
  • Maintenance of Infrastructure conference - London
  • WeCargo Summit – Liege
  • EIT Digital’s Drive to Sustainable Cities
  • #SmarterTomorrow – Liverpool
  • Solace Summit – Birmingham
  • Digital Transformation Expo – London
  • World Aviation Festival - London
  • Unbound Live – London
  • Digital Railway Conference - Birmingham


In November we rose to the social media challenge on Twitter to create a new and interesting map every day. We believe we created some interesting, learned and beautiful maps and you can read more about this on our blog

We have moved!

In and amongst all of this we have moved offices twice and are now based at 1 St John’s Lane,
London,EC1M 4BL - a stone’s throw from Farringdon station.

This just leaves us to say…