Emu Analytics amongst finalists for EDF Energy’s Blue Lab Innovation Accelerator

Emu Analytics amongst finalists for EDF Energy’s Blue Lab Innovation Accelerator

We are delighted to announce that Emu Analytics has been selected as one of just five companies, from across the world, as finalists of EDF Energy’s Blue Lab Energy Pulse innovation accelerator. Over the period of 12 weeks, we will be developing a concept & deploying our Flo.w platform for EDF Energy UK whilst having access to their mentorship and subject matter experts. With these resources available, we are going to demonstrate how our technology can support EDF Energy’s mission to create a brighter energy future for the UK.

With rising public awareness of the climate crisis and its call for action, the world of energy plays a vital role to create change. EDF Energy, as one of the biggest energy companies in the United Kingdom, is committed to make innovation key to realise a sustainable, low carbon future through environmentally friendly and data driven approaches.

One of the challenges EDF Energy has set for start-ups this year is to develop an effective infrastructure to encourage electric vehicle adoption, an area that we have investigated previously. Currently electric vehicle (EV) owners face a perceived lack of charging infrastructure, which potentially restricts the adoption of EV ownership and consequently prevents environmentally conscious consumers using EVs. However, placing numerous charging points requires the determination of consumer demand for appropriate placement of charging points, which is difficult to assess without the right tools. This is where Emu Analytics data location analytics can help EDF Energy in making their vision a reality.

The successful installation and consequential use of charging points depends on identifying and placing the charging points at an accessible location for potential consumers to form a sustainable solution. For a wide adoption of EVs Emu Analytics can help with two challenges: to evaluate where demand for EV charging points is high (such as at commercial car parks or highly dense living areas with a lack of driveways) and to ensure that they are accessible (in walking distance). Both aspects require vast and complex geospatial data, which is complicated to evaluate and derive the necessary decision from without a software. Hence, why Emu can assist with its data analytics and visualisation features to transform the data into an engaging and accessible map that communicates the desired insights to people from all backgrounds.

We will then demonstrate our implementation to some very senior executives of EDF Energy at the end of October. Cross your fingers for us!

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