They say the best way to start is from the beginning, so first let us say hello and welcome to the first post in what we hope will become a long running series of articles showcasing our news, thoughts and products.

It’s been an exciting few months since Emu Analytics was hatched in December 2014 and we have a lot of innovative products and collaborations in the pipeline that we will be able to update you on in the near future.

We also have a lot to talk about; there have been some exciting developments in our industry recently with more open data being made available through organisations such as Ordnance Survey and announcements of infrastructure that really get to grips with all things ‘Big Data’.

Privacy is also still a key component of everything we do and we will be discussing some of the values and methods we use when handling data, and how we advise businesses on working with the data owner, which is often their customer, to create a transparent and secure engagement.

We are really looking forward to what will be a very interesting few months for us. Check back here for more posts in the near future or feel free to contact us.

Emu Analytics.