Measuring the Smart City

We create tangible metrics that can be used to monitor a Smart City and measure it against targets, including sustainability.

Smart Buildings

We have created several solutions that use open, mobile and sensor data to better understand the utilisation of buildings to subsequently offer insights as to how they can be more efficiently managed.


We work with a variety of datasets to help clients understand how their infrastructure is being utilised both in real-time and using historical analysis.

Monitoring the Internet of Things

We developed several technologies that help clients understand where their online infrastructure is and how it is performing.

Using the Internet of Things

IoT generates a lot of information and our toolsets and technologies are designed to consume and analyse this to generate insights for our clients and their customers.

Smart Retail

We work with retailers to help them understand who their customers are and how they shop based on new and emerging technology in the mobile networks and beacons.

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Helping to Support the Smart Cities and IoT Revolution.

Our work is at the heart of the evolving IoT and Smart Cities ecosystems. From analysing and visualising of passenger flows on transport networks to measuring and comparing energy utilisation from smart metering to interpreting Lidar data covering urban landscapes or assessing air quality impacts on cycling routes, we are specialists at consuming, analysing and visualising high volume, high velocity data sets streamed from the ever increasing number of sensors, APIs and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining this data with more traditional static data brings fresh and relevant insights not seen before.

Whether it’s Smart Cities, Smart Transport, Smart Buildings or Smart Populations, we have demonstrable examples of our work in these areas.

When the data has a geospatial context, demonstrating movement or position, then we come into our own, with advanced and agile GIS offerings featuring engaging, dynamic and interactive map based solutions, bringing a useable and engaging visualisation layer to the Internet of Things.