Phone Proximity

We offer services that serve up insights when a mobile device is in the proximity of a specific location, such as our employee wellbeing and safety solution, Duty of Care.

Live Transportation

Our team builds solutions based on the real-time position and movement of transport modes such as trains, buses and tubes in relation to points of interest and/or the public they serve.


We create mobile device applications built to interact with low-energy bluetooth beacon technologies for the purpose of understanding population interactions with a specific place.

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Providing Location Based Services to you and your Customers

Whether it’s the real-time position of a train, a car, a bicycle or a pedestrian, we work with real time and offline location based data for a variety of privacy sensitive use cases.

We’ve worked with data from the likes of Strava, Network Rail, Transport for London, Vodafone and more to create contextual location based analytics solutions. Additionally our partnership with EMC Corporation means that we are now extending our suite of location based applications for Mobile Operators, specifically designed to work with EMC’s RTI platform. These applications operate very much in the Smart Cities ecosystem and demonstrate intelligently how populations interact with the real world, without ever compromising the individual privacy demands of members of those populations.

Our Duty of Care product is one such location based service and was unveiled by both Vodafone and EMC earlier this year, on their respective stands at Mobile World Congress 2016.