Mapping and Visualisation

We map and visualise our client’s data to capture spatial patterns and insights not available with traditional, non-geographical, data sources.

Real-Time Geospatial

We enable the use of GIS techniques on data streams, allowing real-time spatial analysis and insights normally only available using historical analysis.

Imagery & Remote Sensing

Our GIS team specialises in taking Open LiDAR datasets and aerial photography and converting them to re-usable ‘data packs’ such as building outlines, tree clusters, and clutter.

3D Modelling

Our GIS team is able to help model client infrastructure and landscapes in 3D. We have adopted the use of Augmented Reality to visualise these models in the real-world.

Open Data Enrichment

We create enriched data assets such as building information by combining and analysing open data. We provide this both in a basic freely available format and in more detailed ‘Premium’ packs.

Advanced Technology Adoption

Our team is at the cutting edge of technology adoption and we ensure our clients are served using the best tools for the job. We work with ESRI and QGIS and use our own bespoke tools where needed.

Mapping the 'So What'

We help our clients understand their business and their customers based on spatial relationships between them and their environment.

Sustainable Development

We can help property developers understanding who lives and interacts with an area under re-development. We combine detailed transport datasets and demographic data to show how an area is used and create quantifiable sustainability metrics that can be monitored throughout the lifetime of the project.

Road Safety

We combine accident, road usage and road infrastructure data to help local governments understand where to prioritise their road safety budgets. Our GIS team also specialises in making this type of insight accessible at a public level, and can create engaging media to educate, alert and inform at-risk road users such as cyclists.

Creating Insightful Data

We don't just consume data - we combine datasets together to create new and insightful data that we and our clients can use.

Building Heights

We have taken open data sets from the Ordnance Survey and Environment Agency to create a building heights dataset for the majority of England. This can be used by property developers, renewable energy companies and commercial real-estate specialists to better understand the urban environment and their customer’s needs within it.


We offer a vegetation dataset created using LiDAR data, which pinpoints groups of vegetation and their collective heights. This dataset has interesting applications for line-of-sight broadband providers, for example, at a more favourable price-point than traditional clutter data.

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