Real-Time Data Management

Secure Data Gateway (SDG) is a smart solution that allows an enterprise to easily and securely manage streams of real-time data and define who has access to them.

Secure Access Control & Auditing

Data can be managed in a use-case specific manner whilst implementing standard access control methods and full auditing capabilities.

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Step-by-Step Control

Visual data acquisition per project

Your network data can be acquired according to your own project specific rules, such as within a geofenced area or filtered to a specific subset BEFORE it reaches your datastore. This configuration can be communicated to key stakeholders such as Privacy, Legal and Security teams.

Easily accessible analytics

Secure Data Gateway introduces the concept of an analytics marketplace, where both your own in-house and 3rd party pre-prepared analytics algorithms can be deployed as modules within Secure Data Gateway and offered to your users for execution against their project data. Operating on the data at this level maintains a “single view of the truth” and ensures downstream alignment of data and insights across your organisation.


Step-by-Step Security

Data delivery to the appropriate recipient

Delivery of the newly acquired data can be intuitively defined, configured and formatted on a project-by-project basis. This allows it to be delivered through the most appropriate channel and format, such as granular delimited flat files, web services and aggregated and processed query result forms. The recipient may be a file location, a web service or a 3rd party, all configured according to your business use case. All deliveries generate a full event driven audit trail.

Secure access control and audit trail

Every action performed in Secure Data Gateway is recorded with the username and a timestamp, ensuring that all data acquisition and delivery has a full audit trail of who has initiated, authorised and received specific data actions.