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consume , analyse , realise

e3 is a fully integrated and packaged solution framework that enables the rapid development of real-time, batch and interactive analytics applications for services driven by realtime event data.

It allows the flexible creation of business rules, definition of analytical algorithms and development of leading edge web based visualisations and dashboards for use cases powered by high volume, real-time event data streams.

e3 consumes from high volume, high velocity data streams and allows applications to control the data filters, query conditions, functions to be applied to those streams, exposing the output of that processing to a web application framework. Any number of use case specific web applications can be created to manage these controls and to present the results in a highly visual and interactive manner (such as dynamic maps or dashboard based web pages). Emu Analytics’ Duty of Care application is one such example of this.

At the heart of e3 is a forward looking and powerful set of event management (e3x) and analytic components (e3a) that can be used to run a wide range of sophisticated analytics against any acquired data. These components are built on top of the powerful and open source Apache Spark processing engine. Defined analytics within e3 can be run against streaming data in realtime to provide insights at very low latency to the realtime dashboards. Algorithms may range from custom analytical functions to predictive machine learning analytics using the power of Spark Mlib (Machine Learning Library). Interactive and batch analytics are also also fully supported through the ability within e3 to persist data into a DBMS (e3d) or to Hadoop HDFS (e3h) via e3’s data write adaptors. A query manager (e3q) provides standard SQL access to data in these persisted stores.

For rapid, scalable, reusable, use-case-specific application development where the underlying data source is streamed, real-time network data. The framework can support services from CEM to Fraud detection to privacy sensitive Data Monetisation opportunities, with dedicated rules and web applications for each, sharing the same underlying framework and data source.

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Understand how our framework can transform how you use your real-time and historical data assets.

Product Enablers

Data Monetisation

Enable commercial analytics applications to be built upon real-time, contextualised data.

IoT and Smart Cities

Manage, process and visualise real time data from the sensors and networks that make up the Internet of things.

Realtime Location Based Services

Build applications that interpret real-time geospatial data to show how people and things are interacting with the real world right now.

Sensitive Data Management

Apply appropriate filters, conditions, enrichments, aggregations and anonymisations to your real time data streams before persisting them.

Duty of Care

A real-time, commercial use case for mobile operators, that allows HR teams to assist their employees who may be in the vicinity of major incidents such as terrorism or transport accidents.

Public Transport Usage

A real-time view of how the general population is currently using public transport services, to enable reactive and real-time transport planning. Derivable from real-time, merged mobile network and transport network data streams.

Fraud Detection

Processing real-time mobile network data streams to look for patterns that are indicative of fraudulent activity targeting your business.

Controlled Data Sharing

Our Secure Data Gateway application demonstrates how you can empower your organisation to responsibly share data internally with appropriate controls and audibility, whilst collapsing the administration efforts.

Smart Building Insights

Applications that demonstrate how well your buildings are serving their inhabitants in real time, using filters and conditions to ensure that data is segmented by specific locations. Empowers property owners, tenants and facilities teams to dynamically react to actual building utilisation.

The Future

These are just a snapshot of the sorts of applications that we have created on the e3 Framework. The possibilities for adding many more with your organisation and it’s real-time data assets are huge.