We work with transport providers to help them understand how their infrastructure is actually utilised. We provide software and services to assist with network optimisation, planning, usage and revenue assurance.

Smart Cities & Local Government

Our software brings Smart Cities to life. New, cutting-edge datasources such as mobile location data and IoT streams can be analysed in real-time to power the insights needed to support smarter infrastructure, smarter services and smarter communities.

Retail & Leisure

We help retailers develop new ways to capture and retain customers, maximise their store portfolio and safeguard revenues, all set against a background of economic pressures and competitive challenges.

Real Estate

We use location data and insights to approach real estate challenges in a novel way. Our techniques support activities such as detailed place analysis, master plan validation and the identification of development opportunities hidden from the competition.

Health & Insurance

Our services and data can support insurers to more accurately assess risk, predict claims and otimise their offerings. Downloading our building heights data for example, offers a rapid infrastructure risk assessment across the country.

Utilities & Logistics

We work with Mobile Network Operators and other utility providers offering products and services to accelerate the monetisation of their location data. Our software helps operators use their data for social good.