Emu Analytics Selected for London RoadLab Roadworks Programme

Emu Analytics Selected for London RoadLab Roadworks Programme

Emu Analytics is delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of nine companies to join the London RoadLab programme.

Plexal, the innovation centre and coworking space based at the Here East tech campus in east London, revealed the nine companies that make up the London RoadLab programme today. The programme is being delivered on behalf of Transport for London and in partnership with major utilities companies and London Councils with the goal being to make London’s roads smarter, safer and more inclusive during roadworks.

The goal of London RoadLab is to uncover and support solutions that can address some of the capital’s most pressing roadworks-related challenges. These include congestion, pollution, potholes and diversions that make streets inaccessible for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike. The programme also aims to make roadworks more efficient and safer for the workers on-site. The open call for applications focussed on three key challenge areas:

  • Inclusive: How do we leverage technology to make our roads even more inclusive during maintenance and upgrades?
  • Safer: How can we use technology to minimise the health and safety risks for workers and the public even further during roadworks?
  • Smarter: How can we take advantage of new and untried solutions to minimise the impact of roadworks?

The programme will conclude on 1 May, when participants will pitch their ideas to TfL and its partners, and be considered for contracts.

The funding for London RoadLab comes from TfL’s Lane Rental Scheme, which has minimised the disruption caused by roadworks since 2012 by applying a daily charge to hotspots during peak hours in an effort to direct motorists elsewhere. It also marks a brand new way for TfL to innovate using an innovation partnership procedure, which is intended to make it easier for the public sector to encourage innovation without hampering competition and transparency.

Richard Vilton, CEO of Emu Analytics commented;

“Emu Analytics is delighted to have been selected to work with Transport for London and Plexal to help address roadworks challenges in London. Over time Emu Analytics has developed some powerful software and dashboards which it looks forward to developing further in support of the London RoadLab programme. The challenge of providing fast turn around solutions such as this is something the Emu team relish and thrive upon! ”

The full cohort can be found at Plexal.com/London-roadlab

About Emu Analytics

Emu Analytics is a UK-based technology company specialising in the movement of people and machines through the use of location-based data such as Internet of Things, mobile networks and smart meters.

They offer products and services to help organisations benefit from location insights covering use cases such as safety and security, transport planning, property management, retail strategy and logistics.by a group of highly experienced individuals who are passionate about deriving real value from data through insightful and responsible analysis.